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Note: The mathematics server is now "euler.math.fau.edu" rather than "www.math.fau.edu". It will probably take me a long time to change all of my web-pages to reflect this.

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BA/BS Checkout Sheet (* add MAT 4937 *), BA Flow Chart, BS Flow Chart, Mathematics Introductory Sequences, Sample 4-year schedule, Math Jobs,
Admission to Mathematics Graduate Program from some other Discipline.

The Combinatorics Conference. My course syllabi. ALEKS FAQ. FAU text only page. Bylaws.

The national test (Grade 8).

Background Information

Research Titles and Abstracts

Graph Theory and Graph Theory Algorithms, particularly Dirac-type conditions and long cycles, independence ratio in triangle-free graphs. Recently: some papers in Combinatorial Game Theory.

Courses Taught

1995 recipient of a Teaching Incentive Award. Thank you to all the students who wrote letters on my behalf.

1998-1999 recipient of an Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Advising.

Service Duties


Shichidan (October 24, 2022-present) and Master Examiner (2008-present): Judo
Godan: Ju-Jitsu May 24, 1995.

Tomodachi Judo Club

Information on the Tomodachi Judo Club (Boca Raton, Boynton Beach).
Telephone: 561-496-7000

Duplicate Bridge: American Contract Bridge League, Bronze Life Master (2008), Silver Life Master (2017)

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Jobs in the SUS

University of Waterloo (CORR) Research Reports

Looking for a sixth?


Canadian Universities

Canadian Universities: Mathematics Departments

Canadian Mathematics Positions

University Positions (mainly non-academic)

Canadian Directory Assistance

Sun-Sentinel's College Page with links to Florida Universities and Junior Colleges

Palm Beach County School District

Math Servers

Penn State's List of Math Servers

American Mathematical Society

Free Trial of MathSciNet (until December 15, 1995)

World Wide Web Worm

HTML Symbols

Frank Garvan's list of Math Symbol gifs

Queen's University e-mail Address Finder

Hockey News

Where The Rules Come From

Old English: http://www.teachercertification.org/teach/old-english.html

Anglo-Saxon, Norse, Celtic at Cambridge

Celts and Saxons


Boca Raton High School

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