Research Interests

My main research interests are in cryptology, algebraic combinatorics, coding theory, and algorithms and their complexity,
particularly  those  related  to computational group theory.   For over 35  years  I  have been interested in group theoretic 
cryptography.   I am also interested  in data compression,  specifically  in applications of  coding theory  to  lossless image
compression.  I  am interested  in  combinatorial designs and related  finite geometries,  including  t-designs,  Large  Sets
of t-designs,   Room  Rectangles,   mutually  orthogonal  Latin squares,   projective planes,  orthogonal and perpendicular  
arrays.  I am also interested in  algorithmic methods  in  design theory,  especially  those methods  which lead to proofs of 
existence/non-existence of  designs for  large t, and  small  lambda.  These methods include the use of  groups, large  knap-
sack solvers, and  isomorphism  testing.