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Fall 2014/ Spring 2015

Mathematical Sciences Colloquium

We meet Fridays at 4 p.m. in SE 215

> Next Talks:

On Friday, November 21, at 4:00 p.m. in SE 215

David Scheinker, Ph.D.

(Postdoctoral Research Fellow, MIT)

will give a colloquium talk about

Functions of several complex variables, restricted to one complex dimensional sheets

Click here for the Abstract.

> Future Seminar and Colloquium Talks:
January 30, 2015 Eli Liflyand, Ph.D., (Bar Ilan University, Israel) t.b.a.
February 6 Charles R. Keeton, Ph.D., (Rutgers) t.b.a.
Math Day
March 14
Colin Adams, Ph.D. (Williams College, MA) t.b.a.
March 20 Lee Raney, Ph.D. (University of North Alabama) t.b.a.
Frontiers in Science Colloquium
March 27, 3:30
Harm Derksen, Ph.D. (University of Michgan, Ann Arbor) Sparsity in Big Data

> Previous Talks:
August 29 Daniela Popova, Ph.D. (Florida Atlantic University) On the Covering Number of Small Symmetric Groups and Some Sporadic Simple Groups
September 26 Maria Schonbek, Ph.D., University of California at Santa Cruz Fitz-Hugh Nagumo and Brain Dynamics
October 17 Seung-Yeop Lee, Ph.D., (University of South Florida) Coulomb gas, quadrature domains and harmonic polynomials
October 24 Warner Miller, Ph.D. (Florida Atlantic University) Simplicial Ricci Flow
November 21 David Scheinker, Ph.D., (MIT) Functions of several complex variables, restricted to one complex dimensional sheets

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